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Pomperaug District Department of Health was formed in 1986 as a municipal subdivision of Connecticut government. The District is empowered by the Public Health Code, and other laws, to enforce public health regulations and also to fulfill the core functions of public health and the essential services outlined by the CDC and defined in Connecticut’s General Statutes. Toward that goal, Pomperaug Health District is committed to improving the health and well-being of all residents of our constituent communities of Oxford, Woodbury and Southbury, Connecticut.

The District conducts programs in three main areas of public health:

  1. Environmental health protection, which involves mandated health code compliance in sewage disposal, food service, and complaints;
  1. Community health promotion, including programs in flu vaccinations, chronic disease prevention and cardiovascular monitoring and education;
  1. Reportable disease control, which involves reviewing physician and laboratory disease reports and applying control measures.

PDDH looks forward to meeting the Public Health needs of residents, while maintaining our vigilance in enforcing Environmental Health laws and regulations. We continue to provide enforcement in food service inspections, permitting of new food facilities, on-site sewage system approval, and public health complaints.

Our website provides information to consumers and service providers alike. As you travel through this site, you will find a listing of our programs and services, news & information, various forms, permits, calendar of events and links to recent health issue information.

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